what we do

Detachment 207 MILSIM group was founded by a group of ARMA 3 veterans with the purpose of providing a serious and quality experience for players in Australia, New Zealand and the SE Asia. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to act as a well oiled machine and get missions done with ease, no matter the challenge. Our team is made up of current and ex serving members and brings a wide breadth of experience to our many roles we offer. Our current make up is a direct action shock platoon (Commando inspired) with a weapons group, ISR elements and an aviation element.

If you are looking to join a serious and newly formed unit that is focused on quality rather than quantity, Detachment 207 might be for you. We will grow your skills and abilities, and you will become an integral part of the unit. We host Training & Operations on a weekly basis for our personnel and maintain a chain of command and high level of training to ensure our members are ready for all scenarios and situations.

A Squadron

A Squadron is a versatile infantry fighting unit consisting of two sections with four fire teams, and a weapons section


Each team is a small combat cell equipped to handle intense and diverse situations. Each role in the fire team is a sub-specialist that ensures that the whole Section has versatility and depth for all eventualities


A Squadron post-deployment

support troop

These elements are the deep specialists who provide expert capability in specific areas. 

  • Recon and sniper

  • QRF and support

  • Aviation

Support Elements are staffed by some of the most experienced and skilled operators​

Future Developments

Our first objective is to establish a professional framework and carefully selected membership for A Squadron and to ensure that the appropriate standards are in place.

The second phase of development will be the addition of infantry support elements in the form of:

  • Weapons Section

  • Expanded Air transport 

  • QRF and Support element

Get Involved

Detachment 207 welcomes inquiries from ARMA 3 players committed to serious MILSIM and community involvement.

Members are carefully selected, and potential members are required to go through a rigorous selection process. This is not for everyone. 

If you have a particular interest in any of the above areas please get in touch. We would be very interested to hear from you and to help you to achieve your ambitions.