Operation Barbarossa


We have the enemy on the backfoot! After successfully capturing the 2 main staging points and the nuclear power plant which we fought so hard to capture. Unfortunately the 1st Marine Division had no luck in capturing the islands closer to the mainland and sustained heavy casualties that they were forced to retreat back to  Vulsk Island and reorganize for a future mission onto that island or the mainland itself. 


After extracting back to Utes Forward Air Station from the Nuclear power plant the USMC sent specialists into the area to maintain the viability and stability of the plant. Unfortunately due to the damage of Tower 3 sustained by D-207 forces we have had to shut down that station in order not to cause a meltdown and effectively starved the SW portion of the mainland of power and infrastructure which inter have aligned themselves with the Pro-Russian forces in that sector. 


Terrain: Various hilly to flat terrain with dense tree cover.
Weather: Clear.

Time of Day: 0200



EN Size

Infantry: Battalion (+)

Mechanised: Regiment (+)
Armoured: Regiment (+)


1x Medium Lift Section.

1x Rotary wing CAS Section.

1x Fixed wing CAS assets.

1x Mortar section (+) [Possible 105mm batteries]

1x Russian Marine flotilla [Amphibious and naval assets] [+]



1st Marine Division - Fallen back to Vulsk Island

1st Royal Rifles - Holding Firm on their Island

1st Australian Carrier Strike Group - Key Positions around the front line

US 7th Fleet - On its way to reinforce the invasion should arrive in time for invasion

US 82nd Airborne - Inbound from the US to conduct Behind EN lines insertion in preparation of Invasion

2nd US CBRN Defence group - Staged on Coastal Nuclear Power Plant

Multiple other NATO Aligned forces preparing for larger invasion of mainland


EN are on guard and constructing various facilities in the area.


Chernarussian Uniforms & Russian Federation Uniforms

Trained conventional force with attached assets



  • Small arms.

  • AT and HE launchers.

  • Light and medium skinned vehicles.

  • Large number of heavy skinned vehicles.

  • Heavily armoured vehicles.

  • Rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

To prevent any and all NATO aligned forces from entering their country, To dominate their country and prepare for all out war.


Very high.




  • Conduct HALO Insertion on the Key positions in and around Balota Airfield & Chernogorsk

  • Secure Balota Causeway 

  • Secure Town and Dockyard of Chernogorsk



D-207 forces will split into smaller teams and conduct various HALO insertions on key strategic points of the mainland VIA Trojan 1 & Trojan 2. Post Insertion all other means of movement and objectives will be upto 1-1 HQ Team. 


Commander’s Intent:

Due to Operational Security all Images have been REDACTED from brief. Only relevant personnel are briefed on where you will hit on the night.



Purpose: Conduct HALO Insertion onto key DZ’s and secure various objectives

Method: All FR C/S are to assault with full force on various strategic objectives
End-state: All objectives secure

Scheme of Manoeuvre Upto Ground Commander


Choice 1: VIA Trojan [C-130] airframes at No-Less-Than 1500m AGL conduct paradrop

Additional Points

  • EN are to fight with high levels of ferocity expect no POW’s 

  • Hawkeye C/S will be available for CAS/OPDEM/REDEP as required all calls are to go through 1-1 PRONTO or ZERO-ALPHA

  • All mainland sites have been reinforced and presighted if in the event of assault.


Actions on.


Eyes on Targets
All 1-1 C/S are to Call in to sunray if 1-1 C/S have eyes on EN targets without being detected. If this is so then await further orders.



If any 1-1 C/S is issued an MCI they are to first secure the area and then radio in to sunray or starlight for assistance. All other 1-1 C/S are to BPT to act as QRF to assist sister sections.

EN Surrendering & POW Treatment
All 1-1 C/S are to initially handle POW’s with the utmost care and consideration. Only strip vital equipment off them. IE radio’s, maps, GPS & weapons. Do not under any circumstance strip them of their protective wear and/or uniforms. Once POW’s are secure you are to radio into sunray to then arrange the collection. 


Contact during OBJs
All call signs are to confirm contact is engaging you prior to returning fire. Freedom fighters have been operating in the AO fighting against the US forces. We are not to engage freedom fighters unless they engage us. 


Aggressive non-compliant civilian

Attempt to de escalate, if unviable then attempt to detain and search.


Armed Civilian

Attempt to detain, ROE applies if aggressive.


Injured Civilian

Attempt to provide medical treatment to civilian/s


Defense positions can’t be held

If defensive positions cannot be held, sections are to notify sunray and BPT withdraw to a new defensive position.


Specialist team wounded or taking contact

If members of the specialist team are wounded or taking contact the closest section is BPT move and assist the team.


Taking contact upon landing

Sections on the ground are to notify sunray and move to cover any remaining aircraft yet to land. Once all birds are down sections are to await orders from sunray


Ambush- If mounted, all C/S are to continue along the route and await orders from PHQ. If dismounted - return fire, find cover and BPT conduct counter ambush/quick attack.

EN OS - C/S are to spread out and find cover where possible. BPT receives RV locations from PHQ or section command.

EN reinforcements spotted - C/S is to report to PHQ ASAP. That C/S is to set up in preparation to repel the EN advance.

Disabled vessel - Supporting C/S is to move to the disabled vessel and pick up as many members as possible. If required, the supporting vessel is to move to LZ, unload and return to the disabled vessel. Hawkeye can be called to conduct sea borne rescue if required.

Hawkeye aircraft grounded or destroyed - If Hawkeye crash lands, Pronto is to attempt to raise comms. If within reacting distance, ground forces will be organised to move to and secure the crash site. If not easily accessible, the other Hotel aircraft can be used to recover injured pilots and/or passengers. Recovery aircraft are to BPT drop casualties at PHQ for starlight treatment, or back to HQ.

If In the Event of Island Invasion - If in the Event of EN Counterattacking D-207 held island atleast 1 Air C/S are to evacuate from said Island to a secondary island for tasking. Eg: If Utes Island is attacked then move to Vulsk Island and Vice versa. This is for reinsertions from other NATO Held islands.


Admin & Log

  • Standard D-207 Loadouts, 

  • CAS capability is available to both PL’s provided by Hawkeye, Requests are to be processed as normal. 

  • Various Landing craft available

  • Various Aircraft available

  • NATO Air/Arty Support available


Load in Sunday 1 NOV NLT 1840 AEDT (1740 AEST) 

Step off NLT 1910 AEDT 

Finish NB 2100


Command & Sig

Order of Seniority



Command & Sig




Prim: 60


1-1-0 PHQ

Prim: 69.0

Sec: 61.9


1-1 PL Comd Net: 69.0


1-1-Alpha: 69.1

1-1-Bravo: 69.2

1-1-Charlie: 69.3

1-1-Delta: 69.4


D-207 C/S

OC: Zero-Alpha
INF: Bandit
DFSW: Godhammer
AVI: Hawkeye

F-W CAS: Nightmare

F-W Transport: Trojan

ARM: Bulldog

OA has taken over command of freq 60.0 IOT allowing easy integration with A COY.


Additional Points: 

  • If these areas is not secure Mainland invasion from seabourne assets will be affected 

  • This campaign has a fluid/flexible frontline, your actions count to the future of the campaign 

  • Once Areas have been secure and beach head made Hawkeye can insert ground vehicles or 1-1 can arranged VIA Overlord to have ground base vehicles brought in via landing craft.

  • If an objective is not secure, cleared, taken etc you will face alternate timelines accordingly.