Piercing Sun V


Following last weeks coastal clearance by 207, Australian forces were able to make landing in Tanoa and drive out the military coup to restore order. Small packets of insurgents who were supportive of the coup have been operating in the area, the current size and dispositions is unknown, but they are no longer wearing HIDF uniforms and have a mix of civilian clothing and military webbing, as well as switching to insurgency tactics.

To negotiate towards peace and prosperity in the region, the Australian special minister has agreed to meet with the Horizon Islands ministers and the leader of the insurgency to come to an arrangement. Due to this still being a hostile environment, 207 has been re-roled into a Close Combat Protection element, tasked with providing extensive security to the Australian delegate.


- Provide an airframe for safe delivery of the minister into Tanoa.

- Provide overall security to the minister.

- Deter any insurgent attacks on any Australians.


Phase 1

Hawkeye is to move to the airfield NLT 1915 to anticipate the arrival of the Australian delegation, they will then be loaded onto 1 Hawkeye airframe. Hawkeye is to plan a diversion route to minimise the chances of the helicopter carrying the delegation being shot down. Both airframes are to eventually arrive at LZ Wisdom. Concurrently, remaining 207 forces will mount up in designated vehicles and move to and secure LZ Wisdom in anticipation of the delegations arrival, after receiving the delegation, the members will be loaded into a vehicle with HQ and all C/S BPT step off. Overwatch team is to remain behind at the LZ and await for the arrival of the MH6.

Phase 2

Each C/S will receive 2 armoured vehicles for convoy movements. Snipers/overwatch will board an MH6 littlebird provided by hawkeye and provide aerial security for the convoy. OOM and convoy orders will be promulgated on the day. All C/S will follow the designated route marked on the map to the meeting location. Security arrangements are to be provided whilst the meeting takes place including an outer cordon and personal security for the deligation.

Actions on:

- Hawkeye contacted in flight: Diversion helicopter attempt to get between the fire and the VIP helicopter, attempt to alleviate fires off of VIP helicopter.

- Contact at LZ: Ground forces to clear, hawkeye to liaise with Pronto to organise a Alternate LZ.

- Contact during convoy movements: Bravo and HQ continue on if possible, Alpha to attempt to fix contact until VIP is safe and clear.

- EN/Civ breach cordon: Alert HQ, you are free to use lethal force.

Admin & Log

Vehicles: Unknown at this time, expect 2x heavy lift choppers, 1x MH6 and approx. 6 armoured vehicles.

Timings: N/C

Command and Sig

HQ will be colocated with the VIP.


VIP Codename is Spectator

Any vehicle carrying spectator designated as Principal

E.g. VIP in Hawkeye 1 'Spectator in Principal'

Ensure you react in the operations channel.

Phase 1.PNG
Phase 2.png