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Detachment 207 Operational Update #0001

Fantastic start to our Tanoa campaign tonight, we were able to have 2 full sections with sniper support as well which is fantastic to see. This is the first of many posts to keep you guys updated on information pertinent to Detachment 207, everything that is compulsory will be posted in the discord as always, but we will also have this to pass on other little bits of information.

The Beret

Last night we welcomed 4 new members in officially. Congratulations to TPR Nate, TPR Spartan, TPR Wada and TPR Cent on officially becoming a part of the unit. The official photos can be found below.

The beret and ceremony surrounding has become a unique thing for 207 and a right of passage for many of our junior operators within the unit. Having the beret is a token from every other member of the group that you are now recognized as able to hold your own and demonstrate what it truly means to be a 207 Operator.

Section assets full? Where to go from here

Last night we were able to completely fill our open positions bar a few, which is excellent progress. From here we will look at recruiting a few more members before opening any new assets. At the moment we have 22 permanent members on the ORBAT, once we can regularly fill these positions and have overflow, we will open our rotary aviation asset.

Rotary Aviation

3 new positions will open in the rotary aviation section:

Rotary Pilot (LT): Will work in conjunction with the fixed wing pilot to provide transport, resupply and CAS to the ground assets. Will work closely with the FAC to develop TTPs for all aviation operations in the AO and will be capable of flying to a proficient level, but make decisions on the safety and routes of aviation assets in the AO.

Rotary Crew (CPL): Will assist the pilot in the course of their duties. Will generally be responsible for supply and coordination of assets and pers, but may be called upon to fly a separate airframe to support the pilot.

FO/FAC: An attachment to the Troop HQ. Will be responsible for coordinating air assets in the AO in a safe manner and properly utilize the assets to the best of their ability.

Now obviously all this cannot happen until the numbers permit, so we may be waiting 5 days or we may be waiting 5 weeks, who knows.

BCT Training

A basic combat training will be conducted for all new members of 207 to ensure a standard is met across the troop. If you are interested in becoming a trainer, please talk to Tate. Requirements are to run at least 1 BCT every 14 days. NCO Training was also raised by some members as a highly sought after course, I'll publish the documentation sometime this week and hopefully run through some practical missions when able to.

Bravo team command change:

CPL Frost has decided to take a step back into the 2iC role for the time being, as such, CPL Grub will move in to take the reigns of Bravo. Both these men bring a wealth of knowledge to the group and are looking at training up the newer members to a leadership appointment in the future.

Make sure you're keeping an eye on the operations tab, I'll be out from this Saturday for a week, but looking forward to coming back and hearing about a successful op.

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