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DETACHMENT 207 operational update #0003

That's a wrap for our joint campaign with ATF, massive thanks to their command team for their hospitality, even upgrading server slots for us to play with them. Hopefully in the future we will be able to host these guys and run an op for them.

Medic Positions

From now on, medic positions within the section will be scrapped and replaced with another grenadier role. This is mainly due to the section medics acting as not much more than a rifleman. With that being said we are also seeking a new Troop Medic. If you have experience in ACE medical and have an interest in the medical side of things please talk to Tate.

Recruiter shout-out

Last week was a massive week for the recruiters, conducting 9 interviews over a 4 day period. The work these guys have put in is essential for maintaining the integrity of the group so very well done and keep it up, here's to another good week of recruitment!

Speaking of recruitment, if you have a mate who would be interested in a more immersive milsim experience, there's no time better than now to get them involved. Recruitment will be closed at 40, leaving us with only 10 more slots until we reach our full ORBAT, so get them in early.


If you record operations or stream, please put some clips in the media channel on discord. At the moment some our guys are already thinking of doing an end of year review so the earlier we can get clips in the better!

Operational Excellence Citation

The operational excellence citation for the Tidal Reaper/Hunter campaign goes to CPL Chiefy. Chiefy was involved in both aspects of the campaign leading first a Sabre team and then a heavy weapons team, excelling on both of these occasions. It has been fantastic to see Chiefy really settle into his new leadership role.

Next weeks op will be action packed and full of fun and I'm hoping to see as many of you there as possible so we can fill up all of our slots. Until then, have a good week and stay out of trouble.

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