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Detachment 207 operational update #0004

It has been a very busy month for 207, and I haven't been able to get an update out to you all but here it is. There's no denying 207 is in a completely different place to what it was a month ago and the growth and sense of community displayed by all of you has been amazing to see, we've had record attendance in ops and I can only see that number continuing to grow.


This community will never require any sort of payment to be involved, but if you do feel like chipping in to cover costs then please feel free to, the link is in the information channel to access the donations link.

207 J Departments

About a week ago an expression of interest come out to members to lead the J departments, the new department heads are:

J1 - TPR Barker

J2 - MC Timbos

J3 - LCPL Trivia

J5 - TPR CrustySculpture

J6 - CPL Chiefy

I'm looking forward to see what the teams can do under the leadership of these fine lads.

If you are interested in any of the departments please express your interest to the relevant department head.

New Roles

As we have expanded we have had to open up a few more roles:

Support Troop Commander/Quartermaster

As of next operation, CPL Grub will be moving across to command support troop and run the rear echelon logistics for the unit. As proven last week, the logistics system implemented was a success and very useful. Grub will be responsible for coordinating and supplying the unit and commanding the support troop consisting of aviation, multi-purpose, sniper and weapons section. This command team will hopefully be expanded in time to consist of a logistics NCO and a logistician.

Troop Sergeant

As the HQ role starts to become more complicated with more assets on the ground, CPL Chiefy will be stepping up to take on the Troop Sergeant role. Chiefy will be heavily involved still with both sections of the troop whilst conducting his new role.

Section Commanders

As the two current seccos move away to other roles, LCPL Smith and LCPL Trivia will be taking on command roles for Alpha and Bravo respectively. These guys have put in a fantastic effort over the last few weeks into these roles and will be great additions to the command team.

Aviation, Weapons and Multi-Purpose

Command is still seeking EOIs for aviation, weapons and multi-purpose before each area holds its own selection process, if you are interest make sure you react in the tattoo channel.

Galloway Award

What is it?

A cinematic image competition


To construct and take cinematic style images within the Arma 3 Engine


Can be anything as long as its within the A3 Engine [WW2, OPTRE, 40k, Modern etc.]


Will be voted on by the community

At the end of the competition we will be providing the best screenshots taken with some sort of prize, whether that is game keys or steam cards. Get your photos posted in the media channel post op.

Message from the Quartermaster

To support the process we have had to look at weapon systems that have some ammunition commonality amongst different mods and types. Each section/unit will be able to request a Supply OpDem based on the qty of type required ie. 5.56 mag, 7.62mag, 5.56belt, 7.62belt, LAT, medical etc.

To that end only certain types of weapons will be fully supported by the logistics process:-

5.56 AR - Any 5.56 rifle that uses the STANAG mag - CUP/RHS/BIS M4, M4A1, MK18, 416

7.62 AR - CUP and RHS Mk17

5.56 LMG Belt- CUP/RHS M249

7.62 MMG Belt - 240B, Mk48

LAT - RHS M136


82mm mtr HE, Smoke, Illum

AGM 148 launchers

Belt 12.7

All grenades, smoke, chargers, medical, and other equipment can be supported.

You can run any applicable weapon in the arsenal but just bear in mind you will not receive a resupply for it and you will not be able to support your section by being able to share ammo.

In addition, when you respawn after a death you will respawn with the gear you had on you at the point of death. So if you died with only 2 mags you will respawn with those 2 mags and you will not have the ability to re-kit back at base, you will be redeployed as you are.

Each section, under normal supply conditions, has available 3 basic loads of ammo available (in addition to the starting arsenal loadout)

- 3 boxes of 20x 5.56 mag, 20x 7.62mag, 4x 5.56belt, 4x 7.62belt

- 2x Medical boxes

- 1x LAT box of 4 M136

Weapons, Recon, HQ have their own loadouts with similar qty.

These boxes can be slightly modified at HQ to suit particular requirements or conditions at the behest of HQ.

It is hoped that this system will allow us to have a very quick turnaround on Supply OpDem requests and be able to keep the teams in action longer.

We will continue to adapt, modify and fine tune the logistics process so if you have any comments/suggestions speak to your section staff.

WW2 Op

Chiefy and Grub are running a WW2 market garden op this Friday night, if you're keen make sure you put your name down in the noticeboard channel.

Concluding Remarks

We're on a roll and not slowing down, as such we need people ready to step up into the roles required, if you're interested in becoming more involved with the community at any level, reach out to myself or any of the senior staff.

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