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Operational update #0005

It has been an exciting few weeks with a lot of different changes. Hopefully this Commander's update will provide some insight into decisions made.

Training Op

Unfortunately I couldn't make the training operation due to being outfield; however, from what HQ staff have relayed is that it was very successful. Sections got time to practice their TTPs and work on building some more small unit cohesion within their sections. This had an obvious impact on the stellar performance from the sections in Barbarossa V. If you guys found the training op to be productive then we will continue conducting them in future.

SQN Changes

A few members have moved around to take on new positions as we have expanded and need room to grow as such:

- MAJ Tate : Stepped into SQN HQ to take on a broader role commanding the unit.

- CAPT Grub : Taken on SQN 2IC as well as running the logistics behind the scenes to keep the SQN running with bombs, bullets and bandages.

- LT Chiefy : Has taken on the role of Troop Commander for assault troop, proving himself capable through his leadership as Alpha secco and as Troop Sergeant.

- SGT Tim : Alpha's very first secco has stepped back into the infantry game and has slotted into the Troop sergeant position to give a wealth of knowledge to assist Chiefy.

New seccos

Alpha: CPL CrustySculpture

Bravo: CPL Trivia

Charlie: CPL Smith

All the above NCO's performed very well in the NCO training and were given the opportunity to put their newly found expertise to good work, well done lads.

Public Persistent Server

It has been fantastic to see that since the public server was opened 2 nights ago, the activity on it has been fantastic, averaging 10-15 a night. This is great to see and draws new members in. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce friends to ARMA 3 without scaring them of the whole milsim side of things. Incase you have missed it, the public server details are:


Port: 2302

As with the rest of our services, we will be slowly transferring all parts of 207 over to our new dedicated box. We do not have an approximate date yet but expect it to be soon.

Medical Changes

The medical system has been slightly overhauled with some new changes as seen in the following post from CAPT Grub:

All (excluding medics) now classified as non medics All section medics classified as medics, as well as all Aviation and Molar, and the FTL Weapons and FTL Recon. Troop Medics classified as doctor Medic setting @1.5 skill Doctor setting @2.0 skill Fractures Splints fully heal fractures Allow Epi - Only medic Allow IV - Medics Self IV - yes - this will allow medics to admin bloods to themselves Advanced Medication turned on. Additional equipment required. All - Splints Medics - adenosine Suggested Medic loadout-

50 Bandages Elastic

12 Morph 12 Epi

6 Andosine 8 Torniquets

8 Splints

10x 1000ml

10x 500ml

10x 250ml Suggested Soldier medical loadout 25 Bandages Elastic 6 Morph


1 Andosine

4 Torniquest

4 Splints

1x 500ml

2x 250ml

That's all for now

Looking forward to seeing you all for Barbarossa VI!

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