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Yea alright alright I'll do one

Bit late, but oh well. Has been an eventful last few weeks with public ops kicking off as well as our invitation to accompany ATF into their awesome looking campaign, 207 is really shaping up.


Recruitment standards have been relaxed slightly, all members will be required to undertake 2 weeks of prospective member time to ensure they fit well into our group, beyond that there are really no further hurdles.

We also have optional BCTs running for members who are brand new to the Arma scene, so if you have mates who have been waiting to pick up the game and join into a relaxed Arma environment with a few mates then now is the chance.

Public Operations

Massive thanks to Spartan for hosting the first public operation which was opened up to a few different units. Big thanks to all the different units who attended and big shout out to ATF who put up 9 members to really boost the experience. At this stage we're looking to make public operations a fortnightly event with a fun mix of different operations whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Joint Campaign

As already seen last week, we've been invited to join ATF on their Fijian Coup campaign. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to roll with some guys we may have never played with before, and even learn a thing or two from how they operate. We have another SF mission coming up Sunday which consists of some island hoping to destroy coastal guns as well as secure a forward staging area for the main assault the week after (which I personally am really keen for).

That's about it for this week, if you have any ideas for the unit updates please push them through to me and I'll be sure to include them.

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