Detachment 207

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Our Teams

Here at Detachment 207 we like to provide a variety of different roles members can undertake, whilst maintaining a focus on infantry.

What we offer:

Infantry (Commando): If you love being boots on the ground and working with a team of like minded individuals then this position is for you. Our commando troop makes up the majority of our members.

Infantry (ISR): If you consider yourself somewhat of a marksman, or you're interested in behaviour and pattern recognition, then you'll fit right into our scout/sniper team or our reconnaissance patrol.

Infantry (Heavy weapons): Often the unit finds itself up against enemy armour or aviation assets. The heavy weapons team is responsible for operating heavy machine guns and anti-tank weapons. This role generally comes with the rest of the unit saying "thanks for saving our ass back there" post every op.

Pilot: We have both rotary and fixed wing roles within the unit in which we never deploy without. If you like watching the battles from the skies in some of the coolest pieces of kit, then you'll love our aviation wing.